Neher Production & Animation

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Production Companies,Animation/Computer Graphics-CGI,Editing, VFX, CGI, Colour Corrections, Sound, Dub, Lab, DCP, KDM


Selamiali Mah. Cumhuriyet Cd. Boğaziçi Plaza, Kat: 2 Üsküdar / İstanbul



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+90 216 505 05 61


Neher Production, at the time when starting a new animation industry of recent developments in Turkey, announced his name with his work in animation production field. This adventure begins with the introduction movie towered Military High School, Istanbul today adds great value to the promotion of the "Istanbul Guard" continues with the animated film.

In 2014 "TURKISH DOCUMENTARY" dramatized scene of a shooting in the project made its first large-scale studies. The second shot in 2015. "TURKISH 2" documentary, animation, modeling sections are completed with the dedicated efforts of Neher team. Also supported by Ministry of Culture in 2016, "Lemon Mint: Lost Time Travelers" has made an animation film.

Neher; Both animations have been many industrial companies as well as the partner in the production area, the project has made a significant impact and contribution.