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Anima İstanbul

Anima İstanbul is an animation and vfx production company located in Istanbul. It was founded in 1995 as a stop motion studio, then quickly evolved to producing

Anka Film

Since 1993 Panfilm is active in the film production and as a service provider. Together with Anka Film which was founded in 2006 they started their operations j

Aslanyürek Film Production

Aslanyürek Film Productions was founded in 2008 to help inspired artists, filmmakers realize their creative visions. By creating highly detailed production-brea

At Yapım

The Primary purpose of Atyapım is to produce movies. It produces qualified documentaries and TV productions as well.

Atlas Media

Atlas Media is a comprehensive production and distribution company mainly targets global markets. With over 15 years of experience, we provide creative solution

Atlas Post Production

Atlas is the leading full service digital production company focused on CIS & Middle East markets working with leading movie distributors, publishers, conte


ATV is one of the leading TV channels in Turkey. After test broadcast on 12 July 1993, it began broadcasting on 9 September 1993. Since then, more than 250 TV s

Avşar Film

Avşar Film was established in 1984 and has been considered as a successful company since then. At the beginning it was just managing movie theaters but later it

Ay Yapım

Life in Ay Yapım Production began in 2005. The TV series, the challenging movies and the thematic productions, which have left a mark on Prime Time TV, were all

AZ Celtic Films

AZ Celtic Films provides a full spectrum of production services of the highest standards for international and local feature films, commercials, documentaries,

Azat Films

We are your team, with the best solutions for your filming needs in Turkey, as our focus is only on international productions. ​We are great at finding you best

Başka Sinema

Başka Sinema distributes indipendent films and make them accessible for the cinemagoers all the year round.

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