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Derin Film

Derin Film provides all services for digital system, projection, equipment, sound system, film production and film distribution.

Digiflame Productions

Digiflame Productions is a production and post-production company.


Piracy is one of the most important threats for the Entertainment Industry. Thanks to DigiGuardians' advanced anti-piracy service, we delete pirate copies all o

Digital Film Center

We offer professional production and post production services for local and foreign productions respectively. We provide services and support for projects with

Dijital Sanatlar Yapım Evi

Dijital Sanatlar is an active and leading company in the sector with its 8 directors, a lot of personnel and means in the fields of production and post-producti


Düşyeri was established in 2008 with the contributions of a handful of cartoon film lovers. This working team presented Pepee, Leliko, RGG Ayas and Pisi to Turk

EDGE All In One

EDGE ALL-IN-ONE; serves especially to the Entertainment and Hospitality sectors and works in the fields of Production and Communication as well. It produces mov

Eksantrik Production

Eksantrik production is an international production company, based on Turkey. TV Commercials Production, Promotional Movies, Motion Picture Production, TV Serie

Erberk Cast Agency

Erberk Agency’s cast includes many actors/actresses of television series and advertisements and both pretty children and old persons. Erberk Agency organizes fa

Evci Film Production Company

Evci Film, established by Selim Evci in 2006. Evci Film focuses on filmmaking, festival organization, equipment rental, production staff support and music produ

Fabrika Yapım

Fabrika Yapım; was established in 2015 to make production having a new vision in movie, TV series and dijital platforms. Our founder Öner Arslanel was the execu


Fenogram is a casting agency with professional actors/actresses and models since its establishment in 2010 and the number of cast increases day by day in order

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