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Filmada Production

Short, feature, fiction, documentary... Filmada is founded by Armağan Lale in December 2013, not only with the desire of producing what she‘s consuming as the a


FiLMARTI is established in 2007 as a cinema and TV films production, distribution, marketing, theater management and technical support company. We collaborate w

FPS Production

FPS Productions is a production service company based in Istanbul, Turkey. FPS prides itself in servicing commercial and feature film projects.

Galata Film

Galata Film was established by a team experienced in the finance and cinema sectors for a long time. It works to develop the conditions of the Turkish cinema se


The highly experienced and talented visual FX artists of GeniusPark provide everything from concept design to modeling, camera tracking to rotomation, matte pai

Global Agency

Global Agency, the world’s leading independent TV content distributor, offers a broad portfolio of powerful dramas and innovative formats that have rapidly capt

Grafi2000 Productions

Grafi2000 Prodüksiyon produces creative projects that combine informatics and humor especially for internet, TV and mobile media. Its team includes directors, w

Green Yapım

Green Yapım aims to produce and develeop TV series and movies for Turkish and international market. Its knowledgable and experienced team provides production se

Gün Hukuk Bürosu

Gün Hukuk Bürosu was established in 2007 and gives law and consulting services especially about copyrights and works for all actors in the sectors of cinema, TV

Gürsoy Prodüksiyon

Gürsoy Prodüksiyon was established in Kocaeli in 1987. It produces promotional, meeting, training and job security films for industrial organisations and enterp

HANN Media

Hann Media has produced historical documentaries such as "Hi Jolly", "Nuri Paşa: Namlunun Ucunda Bir Hayat" and the movie "Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman" and it c

Happy Cast Agency

Happy Cast Ajans supports the training and careers of prospective actors/actresses and gives service in the fields of promotion, advertisement and modelling.

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