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Oscar Ajans

Oscar Ajans is the first and biggest casting, model and organization agency in Turkey. It organizes filming of fashion shows, exhibitions, TV series, movies and

Özen Film

Özen Film was established in 1941 in order to import, produce, distribute movies and to manage movie theaters. It has been one of the leading film companies sin

Pana Film

Pana Film was incorporated in Istanbul in 2004 with the purpose of producing television series, motion pictures and documentaries. Pana Film has post production

Pozitif Life Prodüksiyon

Positive Life Production, which was established in 2004, started its services in 2020 with its second studio in Kocaeli. It offers corporate promotional film sh

Protocol Film Production Crew

We offer a wide range of production services to our overseas customers as we welcome them to Turkey. Filming in another country can be a difficult task and we a

R Ajans Creative

R Ajans Creative has realized different projects professionally with a sustainable and innovative perspective. It gives importance to local opportunuties for re

RAYA Group Distribution

Raya Group is established in 2012 by Ramazan Yirmibesoglu and Ali Kanturvardar, for marketing Turkish series and films to abroad and perform advertisement, medi

Resimli Filim Animation Studio

Resimli Filim is a Turkey based animation studio specialized on narrative and chacater driven animation. We develop and produce high quality shows and content.

Sargona Film

Sargona is a Film and Television Production Company based in Istanbul, Turkey and Las Vegas Nevada, California. Die Waage TV Film – 2008, Anadolu’nun Renkleri –

Sarmaşık Sanatlar

The company has produced and co-produced several feature films that have participated in international festivals or won awards.

Sinefekt Post Production

Sinefekt has been giving high quality post-production service to almost all the production houses and agencies in Turkey. It upgraded its technology parallel to


Sinegraf is a company that produces TV commercials, TV series and movies.

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