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  • Why Turkey

    Why Turkey

    Stunning Locations Turkey is a vast and boundless treasure of authentic historical settings and unspoiled natural wonders, all just waiting to be explored. From

  • How To Apply

    How To Apply

    Applications are open throughout the year. Foreign producers must partner with a Turkish co-producer or production-service provider (Applicant). The applicant m

  • How to Apply

    How to Apply

    Foreign film producers must submit a petition and audited statement for the VAT refund to an authorized tax office following the completion of film shooting in

  • Key Points

    Key Points

    Foreign film producers can receive a VAT refund for all expenses relating to the procurement and import of goods and services incurred during the shooting of a

  • Eligibility


    The Qualification Test is points based, with sections relating to cultural content, the involvement of Turkish citizens, and the use of Turkish film infrastruct

  • Key Points

    Key Points

    The cash rebate scheme is administrated by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism under the provisions laid out in Law 5224 on the Evaluation,



    Who is eligible for a VAT refund? Foreign producers who have no registered residence, office, legal or business address in Turkey (natural or legal persons who

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